Our Thursday performance of Guys and Dolls has been canceled due to inclement weather. 

If you have purchased a ticket for Thursday, you will receive an email in regards to making an exchange for one of the others performances.

Watchung Hills Regional High School


Prateek Humane is a sophomore at WHRHS who is interested in robotics, programming, and technology. He is also captain of FIRST Team 41's programming division. Prateek will be talking about his innovative use of computer vision to improve the robot's performance in a highly competitive mission. 

Bhavik Shah is a senior at Ridge High School who is interested in electrical engineering and robotics. He plays the saxophone and enjoys working on robotics projects in his free time. Bhavik will be talking about creating a propeller-driven robot.

Since graduating from Boston University in 2010, Frank Pobutkiewicz has been an serial entrepreneur with a focus on socially-driven companies. Over the past six years, he's started two educational companies that work with high school students, and he has also founded a number of other ventures spanning from clothing & apparel to mobile apps. His work concentrates on his own model of Rapid Market Validation, and he is committed to showing others how to start their own companies without outside investment.

Tea Kingley is a current senior at Watchung Hills Regional High School, interested in journalism and film. She's started @cleverdeen, a Hunger Games Instagram page which has accumulated thousands upon thousands of followers (in fact, her page currently has 137,000 followers), and she'll be talking about the process and how her example can inspire others to follow their own passions.

Jordyn Arnel is a current sophomore at Watchung Hills Regional High School. She currently also attends the Institute for Integrative Nutritions, and she'll be using her experience there as a lens to talk about balance (especially as a high school student).

Parima Kadikar is a rising sophomore at Columbia University, aiming for a career in human rights law and advocacy. Outside of academics, she is passionate about dance, photography, and her favorite halal cart on West 115th Street. In her free time she can be found pestering her friends to vote, organizing for the CU South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance, or talking about her dog. 

Monday June 19th, 2017

There will be refreshments and a "Dessert with the Speakers," where the speakers and students can mingle in the atrium after the conference

Watchung Hills Performing Arts Center
108 Stirling Road
Warren, NJ 07059